The Kilter Company Ltd

The Kilter Company

The Kilter® has been developed by Gordon Rawlinson of Baggs, Elgin, Speyside, Scotland, a specialist luggage and leather goods retailer.

Designed to be both stylish and practical, it is constructed to the very highest standards from hard-wearing Highland Green, Balmoral Blue or Black tear-proof polyester and is fully lined. It has been designed as the perfect kilt carrier, to safely store your full kilt outfit, providing kilt protection, for not only your kilt, but all your kilt accessories, your kilt jacket, ghillie brogues, kilt socks, shirts and anything else ‘kilty’. A stylish piece of kilt luggage.

Supplied with adjustable shoulder strap, wardrobe hook, quality brass padlock and identification tag.

It also is supplied with two clips on the bottom of the Kilter, which allows you to fold the bag for easy transport. We would suggest not to store the bag in the folded up position to avoid any creasing of the kilt within.

The Kilter
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